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These are the musings of a jewelry designer who would someday like to be a bread baker in the hills of southern France , or a sculptor in a studio overlooking the Mediterranean Sea....

Small Businesses Rule!

Hello All- It’s been too long!  I was just interviewed for a series about “successful” jewelry businesses and it left me thinking about so many things. I’m not the greatest at interviews,and it left me thinking and reflecting on what I didn’t have time to say,so I thought I would share more here. For those who don’t know, I have been in business as Jane Hollinger Jewelry since 1998 {!} and I started with the intent to be a handmade in the USA business using eco -friendly materials. At the time, it was not really talked about or stressed as a business model,and I certainly am not the greatest at talking about myself,but I am proud to say that after all these years,we still make everything in-house using recycled precious metals and HARMONY coded diamonds and ethically sourced stones. There were times when I felt like this model was becoming obsolete or not valued by buyers or customers, but I have stuck with it through thick and thin,and it has made me more committed than ever.  I was asked a questions about growth and funding during the interview,and over the years I have had interested investors who based on my success and growth wanted to invest but their vision and my vision just didn’t match. In order to make more money,investors wanted me to make my line overseas and while that may have made my company more successful financially, I would not have remained true to myself or my initial vision. This is key–as a business, I can’t stress enough how important it is to remain true to yourself,and not compromise yourself where it matters most to you. I am a mother of 2 first, artist and designer second,and business person third. {order changes as needed} This means I make creative business decisions that hopefully don’t negatively impact the world and that work in my life for me. Money is wonderful, important and necessary, but it is not the be-all, end-all for me. Success means different things to different people, and for me,as a small business owner and designer, it’s not just HOW MUCH money my business is making, but more importantly, HOW my business is making money. So,all that said, I sign off with my thanks to all who have supported me over the years,and who have supported my work and appreciated my business model!  Thanks to all my designer friends who “get it” and are in the trenches with me – you are amazing!



This is my corner table,and where all the rings are set and finished. We have been renovating the studio,but had to stop because this time of year gets too crazy to be under construction. It seems like it takes forever to finish it–I mean REALLY finish it. {Still have shelving to make and install and a bit of painting to do} Once we are done, I will post more pictures so you can see the rest of the jewelry studio.



JHJewelry spotted on….


JaneHollingerJewelry_RINGSSpotted these Jane Hollinger Jewelry rings on “GASPARD”‘s blog. There are other JHJ pieces too in other shots. I love seeing the jewelry styled on the model and I am coveting the clothes in the pictures, especially the “Indress” silk blouse and “Roberto Collina” pants.


Music to work by

Mixed Playlist for the Day:

  1. “LITTLE DRAGON”-Feather
  2. “LITTLE DRAGON”-Blinking Pigs
  3. “THE XX”-Islands
  4. “THE XX-Basic Space
  6. “WILD FLAG”-Oh Yeah
  8. “SHOCKING PINKS”-End of the World
  9. “THE CHILLS”-Pink Frost
  10. “WILD NOTHING”-Live in Dreams
  11. “WILD NOTHING”-Chinatown
  12. “ATLAS SOUND”-Quick Canal
  13. “MEMORY CASSETTE”-Asleep at a Party
  14. “THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN”-Just like Honey
  15. “DUM DUM GIRLS”-Coming Down
  16. “UNKLE”-Only The Lonely


stardust and the big bang


periodic_table_of_elementsI love the Periodic Table of Elements! I keep this chart where I work to remind me of the origin of the materials I work with. Noble metals are primordial,meaning they existed and formed before the earth formed, from cosmic events such as Supernovas. Gold {Au} is my favorite metal to work with,not only for its beauty but for how malleable it is. Gold doesn’t tarnish as other metals do, conducts electricity well, and is impervious to all chemicals except Mercury and Aqua Regia. We only use recycled precious metals, as most jewelers do, so in this way,gold keeps getting found, formed, melted, worked and re-worked all the while looking amazing! So, here is to you, Gold and all the other beautiful metals out there that we all wear to adorn ourselves and make life a bit more beautiful!  We all need a bit of stardust in our lives!

Tucson gem and mineral show

I went to the Gem and mineral Show in Tucson,and it as always it was inspiring on so many levels. Part of the show is to the trade only, but all over the city there are pop-up vendors with their gem and mineral specimens. I love the hunt for stones, and being around the people who dig for them makes for great conversation. The earth holds many treasures, and the fact that humans have been digging up minerals and gems, polishing them and wearing them for thousands of years inspires me. Included in this photo are: malachite,cavansite,calcium,rutile and senelite .

the wonder of

the wonder of minerals

Things that make me happy

searching for stones,the process of getting lost in designing,music,Japanes washi tape,Tord Boontje,the artist Tim Hawkinson,Walker Evans,Bruce Davidson “Subway” photos,wallpaper, Victorian hair combs,being charmed,humble people at the top of their game,hammered 22k gold,marcona almonds,cork trees,cooking food for people I love….images-2 images-1

Magical Blue Moonstones

Magical Moonstones

Magical Moonstones

I love Moonstones. I just made this ring with a Blue Moonstone, but since these are notoriously difficult to photograph, you can only get an idea of the delicate color of the stone. Also, I love all the lore around stones. Moonstones are considered magical in many cultures and are said to bring the wearer beautiful visions in their dreams. Who wouldn’t want that?