Things that make me happy

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Magical Blue Moonstones

Magical Moonstones

Magical Moonstones

I love Moonstones. I just made this ring with a Blue Moonstone, but since these are notoriously difficult to photograph, you can only get an idea of the delicate color of the stone. Also, I love all the lore around stones. Moonstones are considered magical in many cultures and are said to bring the wearer beautiful visions in their dreams. Who wouldn’t want that?

Making Rings

I am making rings and loving every minute of it! Rings are a challenge but so satisfying when they work out. My studio is a temporary mess–designing always creates a huge mess! Going through my stone stash and visiting my stone dealer is so much fun. My favorites right now are diamonds, moonstones, green chrysoprase and sapphires. I also will always make a good simple band-you can never have too many and they go with everything! The ring pictured has a beaded band with a thick disc-perfect for engraving or leaving as is….

Victorian Artist Walter Potter

'Kitten's Wedding", etc

Walter Potter’s  Victorian era Art-Taxidermy

Even though this happened some years ago, I still find it fascinating what people will pay for art. Word is, Damian Hirst offered 1 million for the entire collection of the eccentric Walter Potter’s Art-Taxidermy Collection, but it was turned down. The entire collection was sold off piece by piece at auction, some pieces fetching more than $30,000, but I think it should have stayed together within a museum. There is nothing like it, and the sheer scope of the collection is amazing. I’ve heard some say it’s morbid, even cruel, etc…but I think it’s utterly fascinating that Walter Potter spent endless hours stuffing these creatures and setting up humorous, charming “after-lifes” for them….

Magical Jewelry


some of the most beautiful jewelry aroundThere are some things in this world worth having, and I think these are among them. Sevan Bicakci is a Turkish jeweler and if you don’t know about him,do yourself a favor and look him up. I love that they are over the top fabulous and are collaborative, employing painting, calligraphy, engraving,enameling, sculpting and master gem-setting. If you are lucky enough to own a piece or pieces of his, let me know. I’d like to know if they are as magical on as they look.